Holden 253 308 Quad IDF 44mm Weber inlet manifold.



Holden V8 253, 308 Aussiespeed IDF quad weber intake manifold.
The 44MM IDF Quad weber Holden V8 intake manifold is a low profile manifold that allows the carbs to be bolted straight onto without the use of an adapter.
The Height from the Carburettor pad on top of the manifold to the underside of the valley flats is 85mm. The manifold is drilled to suit early non pollution, part pollution and late model fuel pollution black and blue motor cylinder heads. The centre valley holes are part drilled and will require a drill bit to complete the hole. This is done so it will fit all 3 model heads without the use of blanking plugs for a neater look.
This CNC port profiled manifold has a port profile on the manifold face 1mm smaller than the cylinder head to allow for the engine builder to finish the manifold port size to the port size and profile they want

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Weight 10.00 kg