Holley 2 barrel 350/500 carburetor spacer blank adapter 20mm



Blank carburettor adapter spacer block made by Aussiespeed is a sand cast aluminium 20mm thick that can be drilled, welded and used for fitting 350 holley 2 barrel carbs to a variety of different manifolds. The 2 throttle bores are tapered and the 4 outer holes are drilled 6.5mm so they can be tapped to 5/16 unc or drilled out to be used to space a carb higher


The carb block pictured has had the 4 outer holes drilled out to fit over 5/16 studs.

This is drilled with pilot holes so it can be taped to 5/16 to accept studs or drilled out to fit over 5/16 carb studs, you will need to either tap or drill before use.

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Weight 2.0 kg

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