Camaro build 1967

With the muscle car trend basically taking the world by storm alot of cars that were once affordable have now become out of the reach of many. I have always liked Camaro’s and after coming across an un finished project in California the decision was made to buy it and import it to Australia.

The car was purchased through a guy in the Sacramento area who deals in muscle cars, projects and parts. Hank ships many cars to Sweden. It was through a customer who is now a friend in California who recommended him to us. We shipped 2 cars and Hank organised internal freight, inspection of the cars and payments. While we were very happy with the professionalism Hank showed and would have no hesitation on using him again. Hank can be found on facebook, you may need to log into Facebook to view. Contact Hollywood Hank

The pics of the car showed pretty much what it was, it was a well worn knocked about 327 column shift auto power glide powered 1967 sports coupe camaro. While there was rust the floor and important parts were solid.

The Camaro did start and run, it was driven once it arrived but it was tired, the exhaust had leaks, the torque convertor pump seal in the powerglide was leaking and the engine was tired.

Every thing was there, Edelbrock diecast alloy rocker covers, Edelbrock Performer manifold and an Edelbrock carb.

The car had had some damage to the rear, both rear quarter panels had been hit and the left 1/4 panel was replaced but not to a standard that is acceptable.

The good thing about the first generation Camaro is everything can be purchased from the many companies who reproduce just about everything.

While the trim was completely shagged the seat frames were solid the interior was all there.

The trim needs a lot more than a clean but it is all available from vendors who sell Camaro parts in various colors and materials.

The 15×7 repo slotter wheels while minus caps were not to bad and the tyres while near new were a bit hard but can be used at a later date for a few burnouts.

Front of the car had no major damage and we were glad that the Bog Master who did the repairs on the rear of the car didnt apply his magic to other panels.

This 1/4 panel had been replaced and in the B piller there is a vent which may mean it has come from a 1968 Camaro. To go to that much trouble and then get out the trowel to lay that bog in blows me away.


Quality repairs Not..

Inside the boot lid while not rusty the repair from the replaced 1/4 panel could be accessed to do the repair right


The back panel between rear window and boot lid had minor rust, and under neath it was pretty sound.

With the Camaro and the 1965 Dodge Dart Gt we purchased at the same time waiting to be loaded in the USA depot.

First pic of the Camaro arriving at our work shop in Australia.

Sitting in its new resting place, was the first time we had a chance to look over the car to see what we had actually purchased.

We purchased a project and this was pretty much what we got. Sure there are plenty of horror stories and pics from people of what arrived and what they got, over all we were happy with the Camaro as a starting point.

After its trip from the USA to Adelaide South Australia.

With the 327 and powerglide removed the complete engine, gearbox, accessories and wiring loom were sold to be used in a hot rod build.