2 barrel carburettor to 4 barrel manifold adapter



This intake manifold adapter allows the fitting of a 2 barrel carburettor to a squarebore bolt pattern manifold. Depending on how the manifold is drilled if it will accept a north south or east west mounted carburettor

The carb pad is machined flat so the angle that is machined on the manifold carb pad will not change. The height of the adapter is kept to a minimum.

The Aussiespeed AS0574 mounted sideways on a multi drilled manifold allows for the carb to be mounted sideways.

peter michael stripmaster manifold

Where a 2 barrel carb is required to be run on a 4 barrel manifold the 2 barrel Aussiespeed adapter can be used as pictured on a Stripmaster Holden V8 manifold


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Weight 3 kg