Satin Aluminium Rocker covers small block chev AS0058R



Chev 283 305 307 327 350 400 rocker covers, super tall, super cool, super old school natural finish sand cast aluminium rocker covers. These valve covers are hand moulded sand cast aluminum super high inside valve covers with cast in baffles for your oil filler and crank case breather. One of the tallest valve covers on the market with through bolt style hold down bosses for better sealing and clamping on gasket surfaces. Aussiespeed offer a range of tall finned products to match our range of old school dress up gear that is made in Australia from premium materials.

tall chevy valve covers

The Aussiespeed engine dress up range includes oil caps, timing covers, air filters, oil breather cans, oil filler caps and many other products.


The Aussiespeed small block Chevy valve covers have an over all height at the top of the highest fin of 125mm or just under 5 inches, the internal height to allow for the tallest of rocker gear and stud girdle of 95mm or 3 3/4 inches.

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Weight 7.0 kg