Holden 253 308 marine ski boat manifolds


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V8 Holden 253 and 308 Australian made water cooled boat manifolds.

These sand cast manifolds can be used as a replacement on many obsolete water cooled ski boat manifolds.

They have 6 tapped inlet/outlet fittings thread size of 1/2 bsp and have a 4 bolt cast steel exhaust flange part number AS0461.

These are Australian made and machined.

The flanges are cast steelĀ and they do not require specialised welding equipment like cast iron flanges.

The flange allows for the pipe to slide inside.

With the pipe tacked in place it can be removed and waist fittings fitted to the pipe.

You are buying:

1 pair of manifolds

8 x studs, nuts and washers

2 x flange gaskets and steel flanges.

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Weight 11.0 kg